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Client Update

-Added missing Marketable Items ( orders coins items etc. )
-Fixed buggy NPC Trade windows
-Added new paperdolls/auras
-Disabled battleattack to work with players (it will select first creature from battlelist)
-Disabled zooming in/out
-Updated bestiary with latest monster changes
Download newest client HERE

05 May 2022
Supporter Packs May

All donations since May 1 2022 counts. 
Keep in mind these sets are dedicated for visual purpose only, there are no statistics at all. You can redeem your supporter pack at log in, you will notice proper message.


05 May 2022
Easter Event !

Easter Event WAD/WAT

-Every monster in game will have chances to drop Easter Eggs
-You will be able to exchange Easter Eggs for precious rewards at Easter Bunny NPC located in Thais Frodo's Hut.

Automatic Easter Bunny Raids
22:30 CET and 04:00 CET

Possible rewards from Light Blue Crystal
-1-2 Crystal Bars
-100 Golden Tokens
-1-3 50% experience boost scrolls
-Omni Elemental Box
-Wheelbarrow of carrots
-Omni Baby Dragon

Possible rewards from all egs:
`-5 Crystal Coins
-10 Golden Tokens
-2 Wat/Wad Coins

Blue Egg:
-Blue Easter Bunny
-Blue Easter Crystal
-Ice Elemental Box

Red Egg:
-Pink Easter Bunny
-Red Easter Crystal
-Fire Elemental Box

Green Egg:
-Green Easter Bunny
-Green Easter Crystal
-Earth Elemental Box

Violet Egg: 
-Violet Easter Bunny
-Violet Easter Crystal
-Energy Elemental Box

Easter Donations Sale Weekend+50% higher bonus points

Easter Event Time :
Since 20:30 CET 14.04.2022 till server save 22.04.2022

Donation Sale Time :
Since 20:30 CET 14.04.2022 till server save 17.04.2022

14 Apr 2022
Game Update - Order of the Flame

Reborn system - Order of the Flame storyline
Order of the Flame Guardians
The powerful keepers of fire are located in the south of Ankrahmun. Legend says that members of this order are trained from an early age, and their last exam before becoming a full member of the order is to kill the Dragon Lord with their bare hands. Torn in the heat of battle and fierce in battle, never retreating from the enemy. This is what the Flame Guardians are like. I wonder what secrets may hide ...

12 Apr 2022
PVP Change Poll

Automatic PvP Enforced between guilds
Following feedback of players vote here if you would like to see previous PvP system which is :
*Automatic PvP Enforced between guilds
*You can kill members from other guild without any penalty
*Any of PvP protection systems doesn't work between guilds
*Experience for killing members with higher level than yours
*Due to higher risk being in guild - increased membership experience boost from 5% to 10 or 15%

Vote here

The vote will last for 48 hours.
Also if the system will be implemented thru majority voting +1, it may be reversed when i will notice random power abusement.
Option A
Don't change PvP Guild War system at all
Option B
b) Include PvP E between all guilds and increase membership guild exp boost to 10%
Option C
c) Include PvP E between all guilds and increase membership guild exp boost to 15%

07 Apr 2022
Game Update - Order of the Sea

Reborn system - Order of The Sea storyline
Order of The Sea
A human order founded to protect the gate of water. Their members bravely fight the elements and protect all human settlements. They are famous for their good training and iron discipline. Their headquarters are near Thais east gate. They keep no strangers near the water gate, and although everyone knows that the gate is underneath their castle, they claim that it has been destroyed long time ago.

Prisoner Quest
-Prisoner quest and monster points boss has been released at Isle of the Kings spawn

05 Apr 2022
WAD Lowrate v.1 Launch

Core changes to the gameplay: 
-Lowered rates - check here
-Removed item sets from store 
-Divided PVP Attack speed by /2 ( max 1.5 attacks per turn ) 
-Nerfed and balanced all sets statistics, and made them increase steadily, no more huge jumps in power
-Added many new custom areas with early gameplay monsters like minotaurs/orcs/lizards/dragons/hydras
-Reworked rarity system, so powerful attributes like magic power flat won't be obtainable from early game items 
-Lowered spirits/pets damage formula 
-Limited task repeating system up to max 2 repeats 
-Reworked all of bosses mechanics to make them more challeging, no more afk standing with SSA, damage types are various, and bosses got abilities to put debuffs on players 

Rest of changes and files with items nerf are available at discord - #changelog channel

The world game is considered as v.1, since it's the first time we are launching lowrate world, and there may be some OP features that we have missed, and can ruin the idea of lowrate longterm world, where teams can jump after months and still catch up. In case of that happens, we may release final v.2 version. Even if that will happen, all of donations will be refunded into v.2, and the world may stay online for years as v.1. 

Pre-release unique supporter packs - available at your INBOX after first login ! 
Available only for donations made between 29.03 and 1.04 

29 Mar 2022
Lowrate World !

After all the years we are finally ready to focus and prepare lowrate world start. 

As far as most of you know, we are focused on longterm gameplay, your accounts never get resetted or wiped which is clearly proved by following worlds:

WAT Global 7.4 world is online for almost 3 years since 14.04.2019
WAD Global 8.0 world is online for over 1 year since 15.01.2021 

Soon we will start posting at discord changelogs related to this world. 

14 Feb 2022